Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Trevi (Italy)

Officine di Trevi Since 1968

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Italy (Trevi), supplies Ex-proof electric submersible pumps with 3”, 4” diameter and drainage electric sump pumps, matched to special cables for permanent immersion in contaminated liquids also by hydrocarbons. The pumps can be used in hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2, the ID certified Atex pumps can also afford high levels of contamination by hydrocarbons in rainwater pumping, groundwater treatment, fuelling environments, Oil&Gas rigs, refineries and all those sites that deals with inflammable liquids.

OFT Ex-proof electric submersible pumps solutions

Pumps used in the hydrocarbon processing industry handle liquids that are volatile, flammable and sometimes toxic. Controlling these liquids is a core aspect of the pump. The combination of available pump types ensures compliance with global emissions laws and regulations.

All the pumps can be matched with electric control panels and accessories for the liquid’s level monitoring for an optimal control of the pumping lines.

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